History of VM Motori Engines

VM Motori Factory

VM Motori began over 70 years ago in 1947 by a partnership between Claudio Vancini and Ugo Martelli and they are known for producing the first Italian air-cooled diesel engine with direct injection.

In the early 70s VM Motori produced a family of watercooled and oil cooled engines in 88, 92 and 94mm bore versions which could be in two, three, four, five and six cylinder variants in normally aspirated and turbocharged forms. The automotive sector in particular were presented with a new range of high speed, high powered, light weight turbo diesel engines and in the early 80s they found their way into Alfa Romeo and Rover cars as well as numerous boating applications where lightweight, high powered diesel engines were required.  In addition, there was an ever growing list of industrial applications.

These early days saw the use of indirect fuel injection into pre-combustion chambers located in the cylinder heads and have since progressed to modern day common rail fuel injection systems.   These systems use phenomenal pressure to inject the fuel directly into the combustion bowl area in the piston crown causing the fuel to be atomised into minute droplets for much cleaner combustion, constantly monitored an adjusted by electronics.

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